Harold Haity

About me

  • Harmo-Melodic Bass-Guitarist
  • Composer/Songwriter
  • Advanced Harmony Tutor
  • Entertainer

Harold Haity’s music is a Jazz fusion with a mixture of West African and European melodies, flavored with Afro- Latin and Ghanaian rhythms, for a divine groovy R & B sound.

He has created his own unique, mesmerizing, sweet and mellow tone. His style of playing melodies, harmonies and improvising makes his music very relaxing and quiet serenading for you to unwind. Harold calls his style of playing the “Harmo-Melo Bass”, meaning the Harmony- Melody Bass. This makes him sound more of a tenor tone. Harold Haity plays exclusively Custom-made Seven String Pendennis Archtop Bass Guitars and a Six String Sandberg Bass Guitar all crafted in his honour. Harold plays with his strings upside down and this modification enables him to use his bass guitar in a way like a guitar. His debut album “Rest Your Love On Me” demonstrates his unique style of music composition and writing as well as his playing ability.
S m o o t h !!!



Smooth Jazz

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Harold Haity - Black Beans

Harold Haity - Gabriele Christiane

Harold Haity - Love Bridges

Harold Haity - Old Flames

Harold Haity - Rest Your Love On Me

Harold Haity - Rest Your Love On Me(Dub_Version)

Harold Haity - The Joy Inside Your Love

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Harold Haity Quartet- It's another lovely day (Official Video)

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